What is it about?

offers ethically acceptable services and an online platform for individuals as well as for companies for a truly fair and secure digital life.

+ complete

+ own server station from components

+ own system

+ 100% electricity from energy sources

+ no

+ highest possible

+ of corporations and organizations, as completely privately funded

Check out more on

@monocles Your setup looks interesting!
You mentioned recycled servers, where did you get them and where are they running? Do you have to consume some services from other providers like VPC/Colocation/ISP/Backup/...?
Can you estimate how much is powered by solar and how much is by other #green energy? (which green energy?)
Have you tried to get a #green smiley for your services?

I hope, I did not overwhelm you with my questions! I'm doing some research as part of #greenFediverse
@JanBittner thanks for the hint!

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