Ne, ich habe den mittlerweile aktualisiert. Der soll dann die nächsten Tag zu f droid kommen

Maybe you can say there is no pure black or white, it's just close to it.

Um noch mehr Ressourcen zu verbrauchen und Macht zu behalten?
Microsoft krallt sich auch langsam Linux :(

Some news!
The monocles chat is out now:


Feel free to use it on your android :)

da lohnt es sich den monocles chat bzw. xmpp einmal auszuprobieren :)

To lose yourself can happen quickly. To come back to yourself takes much time. Don't waste yourself on wrong connections. Do the right thing, no matter what others say

I tried to pack and upload it myself but my laptop is so weak.. I just wait. There're enough other things to do on monocles

@mondstern 4 of 4 now but I'm still waiting for any response from the F-Droid Team. Hopefully it will be uploaded soon!

Still work in progress. It's usable but the cases are not really finished and I'm on holidays now :D

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No one every will tell you the truth. There's only one truth you can only find within yourself.

@favstarmafia Hi, hättest du Lust meine Instanz auch aufzunehmen? :)

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