Some news!
The monocles chat is out now:

Feel free to use it on your android :)

To lose yourself can happen quickly. To come back to yourself takes much time. Don't waste yourself on wrong connections. Do the right thing, no matter what others say

Still work in progress. It's usable but the cases are not really finished and I'm on holidays now :D

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No one every will tell you the truth. There's only one truth you can only find within yourself.

btw. there's soon a big bridge coming, we'll see what's on the other side...

Back to the art of talking and writing.
Where is more freedom to find than in our own mind?

I competely move to my self build laptop and my self build mobile-pocket-pc tonight. all recycled from used or broken stuff. No "Smartphones" anymore 🎉

Pictures will follow! Maybe a little to do too.

The humans produced enough for the next 50 years, at least! Still this radio from the 60s I recently found and restored works great and let me even listen to japanese radio stations ;)

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